Foot Detox Patches 10-Pack

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  • Deal includes 10 Single-use adhesive foot pads
  • Helps to cleanse and energize body
  • May aid in dispelling toxins
  • Encourages muscle and tendon relaxation
  • Helps absorb odor
  • Can be worn overnight
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Feeling a little sluggish? Want to get back to your perky self? These Foot Detox Patches just may be the answer. Apply these patches to the soles of your feet before you go to bed, and during the night they will help cleanse and re-energize the body. Toxins build up in your system, that in turn could cause stress, headaches, and a plethora of other symptoms. Consistent use of these detox patches, which contain natural ingredients to help stimulate acupuncture points, may help to dispel those toxins and encourage muscle and tendon relaxation. All this while you get your required sleep

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