Samsung Compatible 10ft Braided Charging Cables 2-Pack – Assorted Colors




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  • High Speed USB Charging Cable
  • Braided nylon cord sheathing for maximum durability
  • Tear, rip, and tangle resistant with flat-wire design
  • 10ft Legnth Allows You to Charge & Use The Device At The Same Time
  • Includes 2 charge and sync Braided USB cables in your choice of Micro-USB models
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Your smartphone and tablet go where you go, and that means you’re going to put some wear and tear on the accessories. A USB cable for charging and syncing is a necessity, and these 10′ Braided Nylon USB Cables are built to last and will keep your digital goodness going even after the odd scratch, tear, tangle, or tug. You’ll have a USB cable that’s tough enough to tag along as frequently as you need it to when you grab this deal. And with the fact you’re likely not the only smartphone or tablet owner in the family, this deal on a 2-pack of them makes a whole lot of sense.

These 10ft charging cables are perfect for your S3 & S4 OR S5 Samsung Devices.

S3/4 COLORS: black, white, pink, fuchsia, lime, yellow, purple, orange, blue, red.
S5 COLORS: black, white, pink, fuchsia, orange, blue, red.

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