Amazing Glove 2-Pack

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  • Ultra Soft, Double Knit for Durability & Comfort
  • Lightweight & Machine Washable
  • Can withstand extreme dry heat up to 480°F
  • The heavy duty exterior layer of the glove forms an intense thermal isolation barrier
  • Dramatically extends the time you can handle a hot object in your hands
  • Great for kitchen, BBQs, in the workshop, and more
  • Fits right or left hand, One size fits all
  • Deal Includes 2 Gloves
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Who needs an oven mitt when you can use these Amazing Heat-Resistant Handler Gloves? Dramatically extending the time you can hold hot objects in your hands, these gloves are tough to beat in the kitchen or at the campground. When exposed to an open flame, the glove’s outer layer won’t catch on fire or melt. Great for the kitchen, outdoor BBQs, or handling hot items like when you’re changing light bulbs and other items up to 480-degrees F. They features comfortable, 5-fingered Flexi-Grip so that you can use these whether you’re right- or left-handed.


This deal includes 2 Gloves

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