Two Elephants Pain-Relief Portable Acupressure Mat

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  • Durable and water resistant design
  • Targets muscle pains and muscle aches
  • Includes stones that are made from durable hard plastic
  • Drink water before and after each use
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Stimulate Blood circulation while strengthening immunity with this Two Elephants Pain-Relief Portable Acupressure Mat.  Features unique design that is easy to use and relaxes nerve pain, muscle aches, and fatigue.  This Acupressure Mat is designed after the traditional Chinese belief that every part of your body has nerve endings that are connected to your feet.  When these nerve endings are targeted maximum relaxation and health is achieved.  To use simply place on ground and walk across, beginners should be advised to wear socks or use a small blanket during initial use.  Achieve relaxation and comfort in the comfort of your own home, never go another day without it!





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